The Bolwoningen houses in Maaspoort, the Netherlands

These houses were designed in the 1970s by Dries Kreij Camp. The structure of the little house is quite unusual, since it has the bathroom in the middle of the ball, the living room upstairs and the bedroom downstairs. They are very small, just 5,5meters of diameter and they only count with six round windows. The idea of their design was to offer low maintenance homes, which spend low energy, lightweight and moreover, they can be very easily moved to put together or being transported.

This area is placed in the Maaspoort zone, in the Dutch city of Hertogenbosch. It can be reached by car from Amsterdam and it takes just 1 hour aprox. You can also check the public transport if you are not going to rent any car during your stay.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

For the rest of your days in the Netherlands, we recommend you to rent a holiday apartment in Amsterdam. In there are plenty of very affordable options for any kind of groups, families or couples. Each apartment has kitchen, bedrooms and living room and don’t cost more than a hotel, so they become a very practical and economic option.


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